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Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire, known as Pukhraj stone, radiates a golden hue, belonging to the esteemed Corundum mineral family. Revered as a highly prized gemstone, it holds prominence in Vedic astrology, worn to attract success in career endeavors, foster harmonious marital unions, fortify determination, and ensure the blessing of a robust lineage.

Financial Growth

Promotes Good Health

Stabiloity in Domestic Life

Good For Education

Yellow Sapphire

Who Should Wear?

Individuals Seeking Wisdom: Yellow Sapphire is associated with wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual insight, making it ideal for seekers of truth and enlightenment.
Business Professionals: Yellow Sapphire attracts wealth, success, and prosperity, making it beneficial for business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking financial abundance.
Travelers: Yellow Sapphire is believed to protect travelers from accidents and mishaps, making it a suitable companion for those frequently on the go.
Healers and Therapists: Yellow Sapphire possesses healing energies, making it beneficial for healers, therapists, and energy workers engaged in holistic healing modalities.


Wisdom and Knowledge: Enhances wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual insight, aiding individuals in their quest for truth and enlightenment.
Prosperity and Success: Attracts wealth, success, and prosperity into the wearer's life, bringing financial opportunities and abundance.
Protection: Offers protection from accidents, mishaps, and negative energies, creating a shield of divine light around the wearer.
Physical Vitality: Boosts energy levels, increases stamina, and promotes overall physical well-being, enhancing vitality and vigor.
Spiritual Connection: Facilitates meditation, prayer, and spiritual practices, fostering inner peace and connection with higher realms.
Optimism and Positivity: Radiates positive energy and vibrations, uplifting the spirit and infusing the wearer with a sense of optimism and enthusiasm.

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