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Angel skin coral

Angel Skin Coral, with its delicate pink hue reminiscent of a soft sunrise, exudes a gentle elegance and natural beauty. Harvested from the depths of the ocean, this precious coral enchants with its subtle color variations and smooth texture. Symbolizing love, protection, and harmony, Angel Skin Coral is revered as a talisman of compassion and emotional healing. Adorned in jewelry for its ethereal charm and organic appeal, it brings a sense of serenity and grace to any wearer.

Delicate pink hue.

Symbol of love and protection.

Compassion and emotional healing.

Ethereal charm and grace.

Angel skin coral

Who Should Wear?

Those Seeking Emotional Healing: Individuals looking to overcome emotional traumas or seeking comfort during emotional transitions may find solace in this gemstone.
Lovers of Beauty and Harmony: Its gentle pink tones resonate with lovers of beauty, promoting harmony and a sense of peace.
Creative Souls: Artists, writers, and anyone engaged in creative endeavors may find Angel Skin Coral stimulating for their imagination and creativity.
People Desiring Protection: In some cultures, coral is believed to offer protection against evil spirits and negative energies, making it a good choice for sensitive individuals.
Individuals Working on Self-Love: Its nurturing vibration supports self-acceptance and love, making it ideal for those working on these aspects.


Emotional Balance: Helps soothe and clear emotional turmoil, promoting inner peace and calm.
Enhances Femininity: Associated with feminine energy, it can enhance grace, intuition, and compassion.
Protective Qualities: Believed to protect the wearer from negative energies and help ward off evil.
Boosts Creativity: Encourages imagination and the expression of creative ideas.
Supports Love and Harmony: Fosters love and harmony in relationships, promoting understanding and connection.
Health Benefits: Though more research is needed, some believe it can support bone health and aid in calcium absorption due to its calcium carbonate content.

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