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Amethyst, also known as "Katela Stone," boasts a captivating violet hue and belongs to the Quartz mineral family. Regarded as a semi-precious gemstone, it serves as an astrological alternative to Blue Sapphire, offering remedies for financial strain, career uncertainties, and detrimental habits.

Overall Success

Removes Negativity

Improves Mental Dexterity

De-addiction and Detox


Who Should Wear?

Individuals Seeking Emotional Balance: Ideal for those who are easily affected by emotional highs and lows.
People Prone to Stress and Anxiety: If you find yourself frequently stressed or anxious, Amethyst can help soothe and calm the mind.
Spiritual Seekers: Anyone on a spiritual quest may find that Amethyst enhances their intuition and elevates spiritual growth.
Creative Professionals: Artists, writers, and musicians may discover that Amethyst boosts creativity and imagination.
Students and Scholars: Those in academic or intellectual pursuits may benefit from improved focus and clarity.
Anyone Seeking Protection: Amethyst is believed to create a protective shield of light around the body, safeguarding the wearer from negative energies and psychic attacks.


Emotional Healing: Helps in soothing and healing emotional wounds, reducing stress, and bringing emotional stability.
Mental Clarity: Enhances cognitive perception and accelerates the development of intuitive and psychic abilities.
Health Benefits: Believed to promote hormonal balance, support immune system health, and improve endocrine function. It may also help in relieving headaches and tension.
Spiritual Growth: Aids in deepening meditation, enhancing spiritual awareness, and promoting serenity.
Detoxification and Sobriety: Historically, Amethyst was used to prevent drunkenness and has a reputation for aiding in overcoming addictions and destructive behaviors.
Protective Qualities: Offers protection from negative energies and psychic attacks, making it ideal for those who find themselves in challenging environments.

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